We are happy to announce that our Fantasy Art Workshop Oil Painting Techniques DVD received a STARRED REVIEW from Booklist.

Here’s the full review:

Fantasy-artist Miracola leads viewers through the careful construction of one of his trademark oil paintings in this first-rate instructional program. Miracola, who has a solid following on YouTube and has created artwork for video games, graphic novels, and role-playing games for more than 22 years, is an excellent teacher. As he moves from sketches to oils and builds a magical dragon painting in multiple layers, Miracola generously shares tips on techniques and materials. Short “Professor Jeff’s Quick Tips” segments offer additional advice. Lessons on thumbnail drawings, color selection, underpainting, glazing mediums, and varnishing are among the covered details. As the camera follows him at work, Miracola’s voice-over describes techniques through light commentary that is both instructive and entertaining. Some telescoping of steps and time lapses keep the pace steady. The dragon oil painting is amazingly complex, and the artist is a stickler for details, reworking areas on the painting by adding layers of paint and using fine brushstrokes to produce surface texture and values. Finally, he is satisfied that the finished creation matches his artistic vision. Two discs in this four-disc set contain the main oil-painting instructional; the remaining discs are filled with information about basic supplies, painting-surface preparation, and much more, including a tour of Miracola’s studio. Aspiring artists and fantasy fans will be awed and inspired by his work.

— Candace Smith (Booklist)