About this Video

Here’s a video of my latest visit to fellow artist Aaron Miller’s Figurative Illustration Workshop in Chicago, Illinois. This session featured our buff model, Kay, dressed up as a Mexican wrestler. Special thanks to my wife, Silvia, for her wonderful camera work and Aaron Miller for running the workshop.

To learn more about Aaron Miller’s Figurative Illustration Workshop, visit www.figurativeillustrationworkshop.blogspot.com

More Info

Paints (Underpainting): Acrylics
Paints (Main Painting): Oil – various brands
Brushes: MyArtScape Brushes and Loew-Cornell La Cornielle Brushes – various sizes
Paint Additive: Linseed Oil – for thinning the oil paints
Painting Surface: Masonite (also called MDF)

The brushes I used in this video were supplied to me by MyArtScape so that I might give them feedback, and if I enjoyed using them, to let others know so. For this painting session, I didn’t use every single brush in the set. But I did very much enjoy using the brushes. The quality is excellent. And although I’m not very accustomed to using long stem brushes, I handled them just fine. I only wish there were a few smaller, as in finer, sized brushes in the set. To do some of the fine detail work, I had to switch to using my usual Loew-Cornell brushes.

You can find out more about them at www.myartscape.org

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