Fantasy Art Workshop’s Illustration Intensive takes place at Alverno College in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, June 18-22, 2018.

Alverno College
3400 South 43rd Street
Milwaukee, WI 53234

There is FREE wi-fi on Alverno College campus.
You will receive the log in info during check in.

Getting Here

Traveling by Airplane

Milwaukee’s main airport is Mitchell International Airport (MKE).

If you haven’t supplied your arrival date, time, and airline via the Attendee Questionnaire, please email that information to jeff@fantasyartworkshop.com as soon as you know it. We will try our best to transport attendees from the airport to the Intensive, but if we aren’t able to, please arrange a taxi.

Traveling by Automobile

For attendees staying in the dorms, you can park in Parking Lot I (see map below) just outside Clare Hall (Dorms). It is a surface parking lot.

For attendees NOT saying in the dorms, you will park in Parking Lot C (see map below). It is a surface parking lot next to the soccer field.

There is no fee for parking. It is free to all attendees.

Warning: Please lock your vehicle. Do not keep valuables in your vehicle during the workshop. Neither Alverno College nor Fantasy Art Workshop is responsible for your vehicle or any items left within it. Thank you.

Check In

Check-in is Sunday, June 17th, from 9am – 10pm

We strongly recommend that all attendees, including those not staying in the dorms, check in Sunday the 17th. At check-in, you will receive your dorm key, campus access card, and Fantasy Art Workshop badge, which serves as your meal ticket. You will be able to choose a spot in the art rooms and set out your supplies ahead of Day One. You’ll also be right on campus for Sunday night’s social gathering. See below for details.

For attendees staying in the dorms

If you are arriving in Milwaukee before Sunday, you will have to find your own accommodations from a local hotel until check-in day.

Sunday, check-in day, please park on surface Parking Lot I. Enter Clare Hall (number 14 on map) via the west entrance (indicated by a star on the map). There will be someone just inside the doors to assist you.

If you plan to arrive after check-in times, contact us via email at jeff@fantasyartworkshop.com. We will make arrangements to get you checked in to your dorm room.

For attendees NOT staying in the dorms

Please do your best to check in on Sunday, June 17th, so you can get your campus access card, Fantasy Art Workshop badge and to attend Sunday night’s social gathering. See below for details.

If you decide to skip the Sunday check-in and social gathering, you may arrive Monday, June 18th, at 8am for breakfast and to set up your work area in one of the remaining art spots in the art rooms. Park in Parking Lot C (see map), the surface lot east of the soccer field. Go directly to the cafeteria (number 4 on map) at 8am for breakfast. The easiest way to get to the cafeteria is to walk from Parking Lot C to the main entrance, also called the Sister Joel Read Center (number 3 on map). Head indoors and walk down the long hallway to the left. The cafeteria will be on the right at the end of the hall.

If you can’t make it to breakfast (you should because you paid for it), make sure you get to Wehr Auditorium (number 9 on map) by 9am for the mandatory welcome presentation. To get there, head straight across from Parking Lot C to Christopher Hall (number 9 on map). Once inside the doors, Wehr Auditorium is on your left.

Social Gathering

On Sunday, June 17th, at 8:00pm., we will have a casual get together in the 3rd floor lounge of Clare Hall (dorms). This is optional, but we encourage all attendees to come and get to know each other. Drinks and snacks are provided.

Check Out

Check-out time is 11am on Saturday, June 23rd.

Let’s leave Alverno with a good impression of Fantasy Art Workshop. Please leave your dorm room clean, including cleaning out your refrigerator. Be sure to take all your belongings. You must hand in your room key and campus access card, but feel free to keep your Fantasy Art Workshop badge as a souvenier. We wish you safe travels.

See the information below about the trip to the Milwaukee Art Museum we have planned for Saturday, June 23rd, in case you feel like joining us. It is not mandatory.

Dorm Rooms

Dorm rooms are single occupancy rooms. The residential hall (Clare Hall) that houses the dorm rooms has air-conditioning, laundry facilities, a fitness center, and a common lounge area with full kitchen.  Each dorm room is spacious and features a mini-refrigerator, microwave, drawers, closet, desk, chair, and bed. Linens are provided. Each room also has a sink and mirror.

Rooms also include:

  • A pillow and pillowcase
  • Bed sheets
  • A blanket
  • Bath towels
  • A cup
  • A Bar of soap

There is a shared shower and bathroom facility for women and a shared shower and bathroom facility for men. The shower facilities feature single shower stalls for privacy.

Note: The mattress on the beds is thin. If you have a sleeping bag, roll of memory foam, or some other travel mattress, you should consider bringing it. If you can’t bring an additional travel mattress due to travel constraints, there is a Walmart store near Alverno College where you should be able to purchase something if you desire.


Fantasy Art Workshop’s Illustration Intensive “Schedule at a Glance” will also be in our program booklet, which you will receive once you arrive at the workshop.

Program Booklet

Workshop Assignments

Download the Illustration Intensive Workshop Assignments PDF below:

Art Supplies

You must bring your own art supplies. That includes the painting surface you plan to paint on. So if you’re painting on gessoed panel, canvas, watercolor paper, etc., you need to bring that with you. However, if you are unable to travel with your painting surface, there is an art supplies store near Alverno College where you can purchase a painting surface.

We will be providing some community supplies that every attendee is free to use. Various items for oil painters have been provided by our sponsor, Gamblin (see list below). MyArtScape is providing some acrylic and watercolors paints, as well as a selection of brushes (see list below). Fantasy Art Workshop will also provide additional community supplies (see list below).

Digital artists need to bring their own equipment including all power cables. Alverno College does have projectors in the art rooms, so we should be able to provide cables for hooking up to a projector if needed. But if you have cables for that, please bring them.

Community Supplies provided by Gamblin

  • Gamsol  (Oderless minieral spirits for thinning oil paint or cleaning brushes)
  • Galkyd (An alkyd resin painting medium that increases the fluidity of oil colors and speeds their drying time)
  • Galkyd Lite (Formulated to thin oil colors and maintain strong, flexible paint films)
  • Galkyd Gel (A transparent, lightweight, gelled alkyd resin formulated for transparent impasto)
  • Refined Linseed Oil (Used to thin oil paints)
  • Artist Oil Colors (We will have two sets of 9 introductory colors. Tubes are big enough for many artists to share)

Community Supplies provided by MyArtScape

Acrylic Paints  (Four sets of 12 21ml tubes)

Watercolor Paints (Four sets of 12 21ml tubes)

Long-handle brushes (Four sets of 15 different brushes)

Detail brushes (Four sets of 12 different brushes)

Community Supplies provided by Fantasy Art Workshop

  • Gesso (Used to prepare painting surfaces)
  • Matte Medium (Multiple uses, such as creating transparency in acrylic paints or for mounting drawings to board)
  • Liquin (A drying medium for oil painters)
  • Paper Towels and Paint Rags
  • Printer and Printer Paper (for artists to print out sketches)
  • Newsprint Paper 18″x24″ (for use during figure drawing sessions)
  • Drawing Paper 18″x24″ 98lb (for use during figure drawing sessions)
  • Tracing Paper (Mostly used by instructors during sketch critique sessions, but can be used by attendees as well)

We will have a “Tip” bucket next to the printer to help us cover the cost of printer ink. It’s very expensive. Thank you.

Supplies provided by Alverno College

The art rooms have a limited selection of tables, easels, and drawing horses (for figure drawing). If you are driving to the Intensive and you have a favorite easel or some other setup you like to use, feel free to bring it.

Photos of the art rooms:

Nearby Hotels

Hotels near the airport

Hotels near the airport are only a 10 minute drive to Alverno College.

Hotels in Downtown Milwaukee

Hotels in downtown Milwaukee are about a 20-25 minute drive to Alverno College.

Nearby Restaurants

The only restaurants in the Alverno College area are fast food type restaurants. For casual, sit down restaurants or fine dining, you will want to visit downtown Milwaukee or the Third Ward area just south of downtown Milwaukee.

Nearby Businesses

Note: There is a Michael’s Arts and Crafts store within walking distance of Alverno College. They have plenty of art supplies.

Figure Drawing

On the Wednesday and Thursday evenings from 9pm to Midnight, we will have costumed life drawing sessions. These sessions are not mandatory. You can otherwise choose to continue working on your illustration.

This is a great opportunity to practice drawing from life. If you have done life drawing before, this will be a great refresher. These will be non-nude drawing sessions. The models will be clothed.

You are allowed to take photographs of the models, but you then must tip the models at least $10 each. Please have cash on hand.

You can draw or paint during this session. We will have large sheets of newsprint paper on hand for attendees, so there’s no need to bring your own large paper unless you want to. But you must bring all your own drawing or painting supplies.

Milwaukee Art Museum Trip

On June 23rd, the Saturday after the Illustration Intensive, Jeff Miracola will be heading to the Milwaukee Art Museum. All workshop attendees are free to join him for this informal, fun trip. This is not a mandatory event.

The Milwaukee Art Museum is open from 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. We plan to be there shortly after 11 a.m. We will do our best to provide transportation for any attendees that do not have a vehicle. Attendees may also arrange their own transportation through taxi service, Uber, etc. Everyone is responsible for paying their own admission to the museum.

Admission prices:

    • Adults: $19
    • Students (with ID): $17
    • Seniors (65+): $17


Code of Conduct

Guest agrees to the following conditions to partake in Fantasy Art Workshop’s Illustration Intensive:

  1. Guest may use the facilities of Alverno College for the purposes of activities associated with the Illustration Intensive event. FAW-ii2018 may take such steps as it deems necessary to insure compliance with such use, including removal of noncompliant Guest from facilities. In such event, Guest agrees to pay the actual costs incurred by FAW-ii2018 for removal/damages.
  2. Smoking and the use of tobacco products are prohibited on Alverno’s campus, both within buildings and on property grounds.
  3. Weapons are prohibited in Alverno College buildings.
  4. Guest may, at their own risk, use art supplies provided by themselves or by FAW-ii2018; Guest may not use Alverno College art supplies other than easels, drawing horses, and art tables.
  5. Guests who require auxiliary aids and/or services as provided under the Americans With Disabilities Act are asked to notify FAW-ii2018 so that organizers may provide an inclusive and enjoyable experience.
  6. FAW-ii2018 prides itself on being inclusive, inviting, and encouraging; organizers ask that Guests follow in that spirit as they and their fellows advance in their artistic journey. Guests agree that they have read and understood the FAWii2018 Anti-Harassment Policy below.

Anti-Harassment Policy

Fantasy Art Workshop (FAW) is dedicated to providing a safe and harassment-free environment on all its forums and for attendees at its events. FAW has a zero-tolerance policy regarding harassment, intimidation, and discrimination. This includes all harassment, intimidation, and discrimination made on the basis of race, age, sex, gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, national origin, ancestry, disability, medical condition, religion, class, body size, veteran status, marital/domestic partnership status, citizenship or any other marginalized identity. Harassment includes verbal comments, written comments, displayed images, or behaviors such as intimidation, unwanted sexual attention, stalking, sustained disruption of talks or other events, and inappropriate physical contact.

The FAW Anti-Harassment Policy applies to all situations of harassment, intimidation, or discrimination at FAW programs and activities and is applicable to all FAW events and venues, including but not limited to FAW events and online interactions. Harassment, intimidation, and discrimination at any FAW venue is prohibited.

Code of Conduct

All participants in FAW events and activities, including faculty, staff, and attendees, are required to comply with the following anti-harassment code of conduct. The FAW Anti-Harassment Policy prohibits harassment, including but not limited to the following behaviors:

  • Deliberate intimidation, stalking, or following.
  • Sustained disruption of talks or other events.
  • Inappropriate physical contact.
  • Unwelcome sexual attention.
  • Abusive verbal comments.

-Quid pro quo – sexual harassment that occurs when one in an authority position requests sex or a sexual relationship in exchange for professional consideration or favors.

Harassment does not include respectful disagreement or reasonable and respectful critique made in good faith. FAW continues to welcome and appreciate presentation of controversial ideas and creative artistic expression. FAW encourages members to hold one another accountable to the Code of Conduct and to take the perspectives of others seriously when a disagreement arises.

Reporting Procedures

Any person who believes there has been a violation of the FAW Anti-Harassment Policy can report the offense to one or more Safety Team Members who will be available to provide a safe space for members to report an incident. The Safety Team Members for Illustration Intensive 2018 will be FAW co-owner Silvia Acevedo and ii2018 Studio Assistant Melissa Sue Stanley.

Reports should include the substance of the complaint, date, and whenever possible, a list of witnesses or a reference to the relevant URLs, if the offense occurred online. FAW will fully investigate all complaints, including those made anonymously, and take whatever action is necessary and appropriate to prevent a recurrence. Please note, however, that FAW will not be able to follow up on an anonymous report with the complainant directly, as FAW will not have contact information for the anonymous complainant. FAW will make every attempt to respond to a named complainant in a timely fashion.


The FAW Anti-Harassment Policy prohibits retaliation against a member of the FAW community for reporting harassment, intimidation or discrimination, or for participating in an investigation relating to any complaint made.


FAW takes all allegations of harassment seriously. Sanctions for faculty, speakers, staff or board members may include any of the following:

  • warning the party involved that the particular behavior is inappropriate and must be ceased;
  • immediate removal from the event;
  • denial of access to FAW spaces and venues on a temporary or permanent basis;
  • withholding of a contracted honorarium;
  • prohibition from future speaking engagements;
  • prohibition from future faculty appointments;

Sanctions for attendees, members, and guests can include any of the following:

  • warning the party involved that specified behavior is inappropriate and must be ceased;
  • immediate removal from the event, without refund;
  • denial of access to FAW spaces and venues on a permanent or temporary basis.


FAW will make every reasonable effort to conduct all investigations into allegations of harassment, intimidation, or discrimination in a manner that will protect the confidentiality and respect the reputation of all parties. Notwithstanding the above, confidentiality is not absolute, and those with a legitimate business or legal reason to know will be so informed. FAW will not hesitate to contact law enforcement should legal action be deemed necessary.

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